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Wednesday, 16 March 2011 13:07
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Costa Mesa Speedway 43rd U.S. National Speedway Championship

October 1, 2011 at OC Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa, California

Costa Mesa Speedway
Orange County Fairgrounds
88 Fair Drive
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

In the world famous "bullring" arena

43rd U.S. National Speedway Championship*
Speedway Motorcycle Racing

Gates Open at 6pm | First race at 7:30pm

One of the things that makes Costa Mesa Speedway so fantastic is how close and connected the fans are to the racing. Its open seating in four main grand stands with not a bad seat in the house. Box seats and reserved main arena seating is available for season ticket holders. You can get close enough to catch a cup full of dirt or far enough away to see the entire track in a single view without feeling disconnected.

Machines used must:

Weigh no less than 77 kg (unfuelled)
Use a four-stroke, single cylinder engine with one carburettor and one spark plug and a maximum capacity of 500cc
Have guards fitted over moving engine parts where reasonable
Use an additional chain guard to prevent a hand or fingers being cut at the nip point where the chain meets the sprocket by a chain
Have a peg (Dutch Peg) fitted to prevent a broken primary chain flailing and injuring a rider or a fellow competitor
Use shatter resistant plastics where reasonable
Be fitted with a dirt deflector
Be fuelled by methanol with no additives
Be fitted with an approved silencer
Have a handlebar width greater than 650mm and less than 850mm.

Machines used cannot:

Be constructed in any part from Titanium
Use uncoated ceramic parts
Use telemetry during a race except for timing purposes
Use any electronic components to control the engine
Use brakes of any form
Use supercharger or a turbocharger of any kind.
In addition all motorcycles must have a safety cut out device fitted, this is defined as a switch that "must cut off the circuit of the electrical supply by the simple action of pulling a lanyard or a non-elastic string (with a maximum length of 30 centimetres (12 in)) attached to the rider's right wrist."[7] The high compression ratio of the engine can also assist in slowing down a machine; if the throttle is closed the engine may stop. Riders can stop the bike by deliberately laying down the bike on the track and this technique is used to avoid riders who fall in front of a pursuing colleague. Before cut outs were fitted an engine was stopped in an emergency situation by removing the plug lead from the spark plug or shutting off the fuel supply.

Dates and events are subject to change without notice

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