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Past Motorcycle Events 2011
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Tuesday, 17 August 2010 12:55
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Africa Bike Week 2011

Opening Ceremony: 28th April (18h00)
Rally Start: 29th April
Rally End: 1st of May
Breakdown: 2nd of May

27 April and 1st & 2nd May are public holidays.

At Africa Bike Week 2010, over 10,000 Harley-Davidson motorcycle and other brand riders along with 79,500 enthusiasts converged on Margate, KwaZulu Natal between 24 and 27 April, for the renowned 2010 Harley-Davidson® Africa Bike Week™.

The event is known for being the biggest Harley-Davidson motorcycle ride-out in South Africa and provides a platform for all the Harley Owners Group (H.O.G. ®) members to meet and interact with riders as well as other H.O.G ® members from all over the country.

Africa Bike Week™ once again will deliver four days of extreme excitement with a thrilling array of activities which included the official Harley-Davidson® dealers, traders markets and live entertainment in the Harley® Village and Tennessee Village.

While you enjoy the pleasures of Africa Bike Week™, help others less fortunate than you, as well - come and support the official Harley-Davidson® charity at the official charity tents in the H-D area. There will be representation from Muscular Dystrophy Foundation of South Africa at the event.

Martin Engelbrecht
Tel +27 (0)82 558 3616
Tel +27 (0)21 674 6320

We have fantastic riding weather 12 months of the year! Our Seasons are
    • Summer: October - April
    • Autumn: April- June
    • Winter: June - August
    • Spring: August - October
  • The condition of our roads is favourable- especially on the main highways.
  • We ride on the right left side of the road with the "Fast" (or overtaking) Lane being the Right hand lane.
  • We call our Traffic Lights 'robots' here and they have Green, Orange and Red. Route, traffic and road warnings and notices are well sign posted.
  • Speed regulations: We work in kilometers per hour and our national roads speed is 120 km/h. It's normally 60 to 80km in towns and cities, and changes are well signposted.
  • Currency: We trade in South African Rands (ZAR) which right now is favorable to the Europeans and Americans traveling to South Africa on holiday.
  • The major cities with International Airports in South Africa are:
    • Johannesburg (Gauteng province)
    • Durban (KwaZulu Natal )
    • Cape Town (Western Cape)
  • Our International Dialing code is 0027 when dialing South Africa and each region has their own dialing code. You can call 1023 off any telephone and get further telephone information
  • Food: we are infamous for our meat in this country and generally we have fantastic food all round including seafood, Portuguese, Italian and of course take-away places. A decent steak with chips and salad will cost about R80.00 per person
  • Drinks: Bottled water (500ml) can cost you R5.00 and a Millers Beer can cost you R12.00. A can of coke will cost you R8.00. We do not believe in drinking and riding in this country but we advise you to drink plenty water to stay hydrated. The tap water is good enough to drink in South Africa.
  • Cigarettes: We sell most European and American brands here. A box of 20 will cost you about R30.00
  • Curios: There are curio stops all over the country and you are able to bargain with the seller.
  • Cellular Networks. You can purchase pre-paid cellular cards at the Airports, hotels, Petrol station shops and supermarkets. The Network Operators are Vodacom, MTN; Virgin and CELL C. Rates are competitive but not expensive.
  • Taxi Buses: Taxi's are private, often unregistered, "people carriers" and they frequently move in and out of lanes to pick up and drop off people. If you see a Taxi bus stay behind the bus and only overtake when completely safe. They also like to overtake in the yellow emergency lanes on the left, or up verges keep look out.
  • Helmets: we do have a Helmet Law throughout South Africa. We supply DOT approved helmets with our Rental Bikes.
  • Tollgates on major inter-city routes are frequent and are payable by cash or credit card.
  • Emergency: In case of an emergency you can dial 082 911 off your cell phone or the HOG ASSIST number which is International SOS and is a 24 hour roadside assistance and accident number.