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Past Motorcycle Events 2011
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Wednesday, 24 March 2010 13:20
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A Classic Automobile and Motorcycle Event
25 September 2011

On the last Sunday in September each year more than 1,500 historic vehicles line up at the Start to play their part in perpetuating the legend of the Bay to Birdwood. YOU can be there too!

The 2011 Bay to Birdwood event will be the “Run" staged on Sunday 25 September 2011.


The 2011 Run will be for vehicles manufactured before 31 December 1956. Note that eligibility has not "rolled on" by 2 years from the 2009 event.

The Bay to Birdwood could not take place without the committed support of so many partners to whom we extend our appreciation for their enthusiastic involvement.

The Bay to Birdwood Run Committee was formed in 1980, the year in which the first Bay to Birdwood Run was staged. The largest most continually held motoring event for veteran, vintage and early classic vehicles held anywhere in the world.

The first Bay to Birdwood Classic was held in 1997 for vehicles built from 1st January 1945 (and at least thirty years old). The Classic is establishing a world class reputation alongside the original Vintage Run.

The event initially commenced at Glenelg ("the Bay") with the Run finishing, as it still does, at the National Motor Museum, Birdwood. A 70 kilometre route which travels along metropolitan main roads, through ten Council areas, past over 100,000 spectators, until it reaches the foothills where the remaining 20 kilometres are a one way route through the scenic Adelaide Hills.

The Start is now located at Barratt Reserve, Adelaide Shores, to facilitate the increasing entrant numbers and to provide for spectator access amongst the vehicles.

The Bay to Birdwood Run Committee Inc is a not-for-profit incorporated association which recognises two equal partners- the Federation of Historic Motoring Clubs SA and the National Motor Museum, which is a part of the History Trust of South Australia. All operating expenses are sourced from sponsorship and partnerships together with entry fees, commissions and donations.

What is the difference between the "Run" and the "Classic"?
The "Run" is for motor vehicles built prior to the 1st of January 1956, the "Classic" is for vehicles built after January 1st 1956 and more than thirty years old.

Where does it start?
The popularity of the event and growth in entrant numbers has meant the start was moved from its historic start at Glenelg ("the Bay") to now commence from Adelaide Shores, West Beach.

Where does it finish?
At the National Motor Museum Birdwood which houses the most extensive collection of historic motoring vehicles in Australia - what an appropriate setting! If the vehicles are flagged away from the start promptly at 9am, then the first vehicles arrive from approximately 10:15am.

How long is the route?
From the start at Adelaide Shores to the National Motor Museum Birdwood, the entrant vehicles cover a distance of 70 kilometres. It takes approximately two hours for the journey - and two hours for the passing parade to travel past any one vantage point along the route.

What are the entry requirements?
The "Run" is for motor vehicles built prior to the 1st of January 1956, the "Classic" is for vehicles built after January 1st 1956 and more than thirty years old. In both events the vehicles must conform as closely as possible to the manufacturers' specifications, be in a presentable condition, and roadworthy.

How can I enter?
An official entry form can be downloaded from this site, completed and returned to the Entry Director, at the address shown, or by contacting the Entry Director and requesting inclusion in the "Run" or "Classic" databases to receive an entry form and information pack.

What is the cost of entry?
The cost to enter will be found on the entry forms. In 2007 the cost was $50 inclusive of GST with additional charges for entering the concours and paying by credit card.

When do entries close?
Entries for the 2011 Bay to Birdwood Run closed on Friday 10th August 2011, or mail bearing that postmark.

What is the Concours d'Elegance?
The Concours d'Elegance is the manner in which the winner of the Bay to Birdwood Run Trophy is selected. It is not a technical competition but is based solely on the appearance of the vehicle and its occupants. To be considered the dress of the occupants and their accessories must be appropriate to both the era and the type of vehicle. The Judging Panel is selected from outside the Historic Vehicle Movement. They are provided with technical experts in the automotive and costume field to provide any needed support.

Are there any other Awards?
The People's Choice Award (when offered) is presented to the vehicle which attracts the most public votes. Everyone can vote, forms are available at the Start and Finish.

How can I see the event?
Click on the route map and make sure you get to your selected vantage point early. It is your chance to view motoring history as the event passes right in front of you. It takes two hours for the event to pass any one vantage point with the entrant vehicles being flagged off from the start at 9am you can estimate their time of arrival at your chosen viewing point.

Can I come to the start?
Most definitely. First arrivals pull up at 6am and it is a constant stream of motoring history through until about 8:30am when the last of the vehicles pull on to Barratt Reserve ahead of the 9am start. This is a wonderful opportunity to walk amongst the vehicles, talk with their owners many of whom dress according to the era of their vehicle. It's a great start to a stunning day. Enjoy breakfast (provided by local Service Clubs), jazz and entertainment as we wave off the entrants as they commence their day's journey. Of course we hope you will then join us at the finish for a memorable day out in the Adelaide Hills.

What happens at the finish?
There's a buzz of anticipation as the first vehicles arrive mid-morning at the National Motor Museum Birdwood. These are the Concours d' Elegance entrants, and judging commences straight away.

There is something for everyone to enjoy!

Entertainment, Adelaide Hills Regional Food and Wine fare with tastings, celebrity demonstrations and plates/platters/picnic baskets for sale (pre-order by telephone/facsimile 8357 5445). There will also be a choice from other community food outlets, Fashions in The Field (dress in a bygone era and you could be one of the prize winners), Dancing Displays, Public Awards (cast a vote for your favourite vehicle), Kiddies' Korner (supervised activities for 5-12 year olds) and, of course, enjoy all that the Motor Museum and the village of Birdwood have to offer.

The Concours d'elegance trophy and other entrant awards are presented from 3pm. Whilst this concludes the formalities, please stay and enjoy all the entertainment and facilities at the finish - or visit some of the nearby attractions or take a slow drive back home through the scenic Adelaide Hills.

Make up a group, book a limousine or a mini coach - this is an annual event which should be part of your diary..... it is a must do and a must see!

What is the Motorfest?
The Federation Motorfest is a series of events organised by the member clubs of the Federation of Historic Motoring Clubs of SA to provide an opportunity for visiting enthusiasts to meet their local counterparts as well as enjoying the hospitality and features that make South Australia a marvellous place to live and visit. The Motorfest is held every two years aligned to The Bay To Birdwood Run. The events are organised by the individual participating clubs, and entries and promotion is the responsibility of a central executive. Entry in The Bay To Birdwood Run is not prerequisite to taking part in the Motorfest, nor is entry restricted to pre 1956 vehicles. Entrants are provided with a selection of activities from which they may choose according to their taste.

What is Cruising Classics?
An 8 day program of daily fun activities hosted by individual car and cycle clubs. The 2003 Cruising Classics
was the inaugural program straddling either side of the 2003 Bay to Birdwood Classic. You can enter as many events as you like and do remember that entry into the icon Bay to Birdwood is not a pre-requisite.

The 2011 Cruising Classics Program should be available approximately May 2011

What is the Federation?
The Federation of Historic Motoring Clubs of SA Inc. was formed in 1970 as the Federation of Vintage Car Clubs. The present title was assumed in 1994 to reflect the changes which had taken place both in the make up of the membership of the Federation and the nature of the Historic Vehicle Movement in the intervening quarter century. The "Federation", whatever its formal title, has worked tirelessly to represent the interests of Historic Motor Vehicles and their owners at all levels.

Recent winners

2008 Bay to Birdwood Run Winner, David Lean

2007 Bay to Birdwood Classic Winner, Greg Myers