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Friday, 04 March 2011 12:09
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Throttle 215 MX Park

2800 North Rose Park Lane
Salt Lake City, UT 84116

Phone: 801-298-7225

Motocross track description:

Throttle 215 Mx Park is proud to welcome you to experience Utah's premier motocross park. Designed in cooperation with experienced track builder Nick Ware, Throttle 215 Mx features a challenging course intended for all skill levels.

Course designers have developed a challenging race track for pro level riders that lesser experienced riders can also enjoy.

Throttle 215 Mx Track is two tracks in one. The right lane of the course features huge double and triple jumps with some technical rhythm sections thrown in. The left lane offers a more tame set of table tops and step-up jumps with a more forgiving nature.

The track is meticulously prepared, watered and maintained. Rich soil variations combined with two water trucks and ample hoses insure that the dust stays down and the traction stays high.

Various soil compounds have been trucked in to retain water without ever becoming muddy. The thick, rich loam reduces any tendency for the dirt to become hard and slippery.

Come spend the afternoon with us at Throttle 215 Mx Park. Challenge yourself on Utah's premier level motocross track. Experience a level of professionalism in motocross facilities that Southern Californians have become accustomed to and Utahns have had to drive hundreds of miles to experience.

Create memories with your family by getting out on the track and racing together. Families that race together stay together.

See you on the track and remember: "When In Doubt, Throttle Out!"

Throttle 215 Mx Park's regular practice days are:
Hours of Operation
Hours subject to change due to weather conditions
Thursday  10am - Dark
Saturday  10am - Dark
Sunday    10am - Dark

Directions to the MX Track:



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Throttle 215 MX Park - Utah Motocross track

Please - Check with the motocross park before heading out.

If you have any additional info on this mx park, please leave a comment below.