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Motocross Tracks - USA
Tuesday, 25 January 2011 06:48
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The Ranch

40001 Candelaria
Anza, CA 92539

Phone: 949-276-5153

Motocross track description:

This 700-acre facility was designed and built by Marc Peters of Five Motocross tracks with terrain for all rider’s capabilities and equipment, from the Main track with four-five lines through every corner and 36 ft wide straight a ways. The track carved out of a natural hillside in the mesquite chaparral (green year round) is two minutes and ten seconds for a good Professional rider.

The "Main Track" at The Ranch has an East Coast National track feel brought to the West Coast. Marc Peters has been building National Tracks for the past 4 years for MXSports.

The "Main Track" at The Ranch was designed with elements of High Point, Steel City, Bud's Creek, and Red Bud National Tracks. There are big uphills and downhills, off cambers, step-ups, and great rhythm sections. The track will be prepped and groomed at the same professional level you see before National races like Steel City or High Point (Mount Morris), to give you the ultimate riding experience.

The 1980’s Motocross track is a combination of Carlsbad Raceway, Saddleback Park, and Indian Dunes. It is located on the flats with sand wash sections and hillside with great safe landings, tabletops that you can jump or just ride over, 40 foot corners and 36 feet wide straight a ways. The 1960’s track is European style, laid out by Preston Petty & Stu Peters, again in the natural hillside, up and down lanes with sweeping corners and “NO” jumps. This track will take you back in time. There is a 65/85cc track and a Peewee track. Both are technical, safe and fun for all riders.

There are flat pit areas for camping, plus great viewing areas for spectators and family.

The Ranch will be open the 3rd weekend of each month on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Prepped & watered tracks each day. Operating hours will be 8am to 4pm.

Directions to the MX Track:

This Motocross facility is located at: 40001 Candelaria in Anza, Ca. 92539. It is 2.9 miles past the Cahuilla Casino on State Highway 371 going (North), to Bautista Road go Right (East) for 1.5 miles to “The Ranch”.


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The Ranch - California Motocross track

Please - Check with the motocross park before heading out.

If you have any additional info on this mx park, please leave a comment below.